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Branding Efforts:

Triple Canopy®

The branding behind the Triple Canopy name comes from two elements, the figurative representation of providing three layers of protection; and a re-purposing of an expression used within the U.S Armed Forces that refers to a soldier that has earned the U.S. Army’s Airborne, Ranger and Special Forces tabs.

Today, “Triple Canopy is a leading provider of mission support, security, training and advisory services to government agencies and multinational corporations across a range of market sectors and geographies. The company excels at delivering complete program management solutions to help clients achieve critical mission objectives in challenging locations worldwide. From logistics and life support to personal protection and training, clients rely on Triple Canopy to mitigate risk and ensure business continuity. Triple Canopy is IS0 9001:2008 certified and a founding signatory of the International Code of Conduct.”
See:Triple Canopy
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Preparedness Wager

The French scientist and philosopher Blaise Pascal suggested that even if we cannot prove God's existence, we should live as though God does exist - because we have, comparatively, nothing to lose and everything to gain by doing so. This is called Pascal's Wager.

In a world where biological and nuclear weapons are being deployed and we depend on distant supply chains for our daily sustenance, we introduce an analogous
Preparedness Wager: Although we experienced security and prosperity in the past, we should live as if these will cease tomorrow - comparatively speaking, we have nothing to lose and everything to gain by making basic preparations for an insecure future.


As a nation steeped in a buy-now-pay-later immediate-gratification 24-7 culture, we allow ourselves to “want what we want when we want it” and to expect whatever it is to always be there, ready and waiting. I have dubbed this condition, “The 7-11-Effect”. Three generations of Americans have now literally been raised on omnipresent, always-full, always-open 7-11 type stores. Yet it is foolhardy to believe that the abundance we experience today could not turn to scarcity tomorrow, without warning.

History demonstrates that all supply chains are eventually disrupted. No network is immune. Perhaps most famously, European barbarian invasions in the fifth century led to the collapse of Rome’s supply chains, region-by-region and industry-by-industry. And Rome fell...

Aberration in Time

The unfettered free trade that the world has enjoyed post-WWII is, in the simplest of economic and geo-political terms, due to the economic might of the United States, and its commensurate ability to militarily police the world’s oceans, maintaining the safety and affordability of intercontinental travel. Because of the efforts of the US, all boats floated higher and trade expanded, producing what economists call the proliferation of competitive hyper-specialization of labor, i.e., nations were able to compete economically by capitalizing on their comparative advantage(s) in labor, raw materials, geography, and other inputs.

Today, it is becoming apparent that this post-WWII period of global prosperity was just an Aberration in Time: our economic stability is fading, having been undermined by poor leadership, erroneous policy, ideological self-centeredness, and unprecedented levels of debt that render the future much more ominous than the recent past.

We have conspicuously lived beyond our means for too long, and soon America’s city, state and national governments will be forced to make efforts to pay out what is owed under impossible social and fiscal contracts. We may well face a day of reckoning where a choice between buying “beans or bullets” is starkly set before us.

Life Continuity

The family represents the key foundational element of Western civilization. It is under attack – financially, culturally, politically, spiritually and demographically. Our educational system is rapidly unmooring young people from our collective history through philosophical, historical, and logical impoverishment. Harbingers of crises multiply, some imminent, others more remote.

Only a fool ignores approaching threats and just hopes for the best. My concept of Life Continuity speaks to the wise, who appreciate that history does have a habit of repeating itself, and that cultural deviations can swell over time to impact nation states, influencing their behavior. It is critical for families to address cultural decline, to think generationally, and to plan purposefully, so that loved ones and their off-spring can mitigate today's risks of living in densely-populated metro areas, particularly the risks associated with interruptions, large or small, of our fragile supply chains, whether by man-made or natural events.

The term Life Continuity also bespeaks an effort to associate continuity planning with the thoughtful and measured activities of discerning families, and to disassociate them from haphazard prepping. Life Continuity distinguishes the purpose and precision of thinking people, who consider and understand the vulnerability of our dependence on sophisticated just-in-time supply networks.

Duramitt® & Duraglove®

These names arose out of of a patented bonding technology that allowed a latex surface to be permanently bonded to an abrasive work surface. The result was a new class of products branded as the Duramitt and Duraglove line.
See: Duramitt & Duraglove

Air Vacuate® & Life Hood®

An emergency escape smoke hood that allowed users to breath while escaping a structure fire. The device includes a transparent hood that covers the user's head, and a canister that filters out dangerous toxic acid gases associated with fire.
See: Air Vacuate Historical Trade Mark Information
       Life Hood Historical Trade Mark Information

Sovereign Deed®

The branding behind the Sovereign Deed name emanates from an attempt to privatize elements of the Federal government's emergency response mechanism. The name incorporates the concept of a “sovereign” offering, as epitomized by a country's independent authority and the right to govern itself, combined with the concept of a “deed,” referring to an unsually illustrious act or action.
See: Sovereign Deed Overview